H?????ng d???n c??i Win 10 t??? ??? c???ng gi??p b???n c??i Windows 10 b???n quy???n mi???n ph?? m???i ho??n to??n. ?????c bi???t c??i nhanh, d??? th???c hi???n, kh??ng c???n USB hay ????a.

H?????ng d???n c??i Win 10 t??? ??? c???ng gi??p b???n c??i Windows 10 ho??n to??n m???i c????b???n quy???n mi???n ph??. C??ch c??i n??y c?? c??c ?????c ??i???m sau:

  1. C??i nhanh, d??? d??ng m?? kh??ng c???n USB hay ????a CD
  2. C?? b???n quy???n mi???n ph??
  3. Y??u c???u: b???n ??ang d??ng Windows 10 b???n quy???n (kh??ng ???????c crack) nh??ng mu???n c??i l???i m???i ho??n to??n

T???i File .ISO c??i ?????t Windows 10

N???u b???n ???? c?? file .ISO c??i Windows 10 t????ng ???ng v???i v???i m??y t??nh c???a b???n r???i th?? kh??ng c???n th???c hi???n b?????c n??y. N???u b???n ch??a c?? file .ISO c??i Windows 10 th?? b???n h??y t???i b???n Windows 10 c??ng phi??n b???n v?? s??? bit v???i Windows 10 b???n ??ang s??? d???ng theo??H?????ng d???n t???i Windows 10 ch??nh th???c t??? Microsoft

Sau khi c?? file .ISO b???n h??y ?????i t??n file th??nh t??n phi??n b???n Windows 10 m?? b???n v???a t???i v??? (v?? d??? nh????Windows 10 Pro 32-bit, ??i???u n??y kh??ng b???t bu???c nh??ng n??n l??m ????? d??? qu???n l?? file v?? s??? d???ng sau n??y) v?? di chuy???n file n??y t???i ??? ????a n??o ???? kh??c v???i ??? ????a C ch???a Windows ??ang s??? d???ng ????? sau khi c??i Windows 10 file .ISO kh??ng b??? m???t (????? d??nh c???n thi???t th?? sau n??y s??? d???ng).

H?????ng d???n c??i Windows 10 t??? ??? c???ng

1. T???o th?? m???c c??i Windows 10

?????u ti??n b???n ph???i c??i Winrar tr??n m??y t??nh, n???u ch??a c?? Winrar b???n c?? th??? t???i b???n??Winrar 32-bitho???c??Winrar 64-bit??v??? r???i c??i ?????t sau ???? kh???i ?????ng l???i m??y t??nh.

B???n di chuy???n file .iso c??i Windows 10 v??o v??? tr?? ngo??i c??ng??c???a m???t ??? ????a n??o ???? kh??c v???i ??? C (nh??? l?? v??? tr?? ngo??i c??ng nha c??c b???n, nh???m l?? ti??u ^^! )


Sau ???? b???n nh???p chu???t ph???i ch???n??Extact to Windows 10?????(t??y theo t??n file .iso m?? Extract to ??? kh??c nhau)


Sau d?? b???n thu ???????c m???t th?? m???c c?? t??n gi???ng v???i t??n file .iso


B???n h??y ?????i t??n th?? m???c n??y th??nh??BTH


Nh?? v???y l?? b?????c n??y ???? ho??n th??nh, b??y gi??? ????? ?????m b???o qu?? tr??nh c??i ?????t kh??ng s???y ra l???i b???n h??y??t???t k???t n???i internet??b???ng c??ch r??t d??y m???ng ra n???u ??ang s??? d???ng (v???i Wifi v?? Dcom th?? kh??ng c???n thi???t)

2. M??? Command prompt

B???n c???n v??o ph???n??Restart??tr??n Windows 10 sau ???? nh???n gi??? n??t??Shift??v?? nh???p v??o??Restart



Windows 10

M??y t??nh s??? chuy???n t???i m??n h??nh nh?? ??? d?????i, t???i ????y b???n ch???n??Troubleshot


Ch???n??Advabced options

Ch???n??Command Prompt

B??y gi??? m??y t??nh s??? kh???i ?????ng l???i v?? m??n h??nh??Command Prompt

T???i??Command Prompt, b???n s??? th???y t??i kho???n (ho???c danh s??ch c??c t??i kho???n) c?? tr??n m??y t??nh c???a b???n, b???n h??y nh???p chu???t ch???n t??i kho???n m?? b???n ??ang s??? d???ng, ??? ????y t??i kho???n c???a m??nh l????BlogTinHoc
8N???u t??i kho???n b???n ch???n c?? m???t kh???u th?? b???n ??i???n v??o, n???u kh??ng c?? th?? b??? tr???ng ph???n m???t kh???u, sau ???? ch???n??Continue

B??y gi??? c???a s??? d??ng l???nh??cmd??s??? hi???n th??? l??n


T???i c???a s??? cmd b???n g?? l???nh??wmic logicaldisk get size,caption??v?? ???n??ENTER??????? hi???n th??? danh s??ch c??c ??? ????a v?? dung l?????ng c???a n??



Nh?? h??nh tr??n, c???t??Caption??l?? t??n ??? ????a v?? c???t??Size??l?? dung l?????ng c???a ??? ????a t????ng ???ng. B???n ch??? quan t??m t???i nh???ng ??? ????a c?? Size m?? th??i, trong tr?????ng h???p n??y m??nh c?? c??c ??? ????a: C, D, E, X.

B??y gi??? b???n h??y g?? l???n l?????t l???nh theo danh s??ch??T??n ??? ????a:\BTH\setup??r???i ???n??Enter??v?? c??? ti???p t???c cho t???i khi sau khi ???n Enter m?? b???n kh??ng th???y d??ng??The system cannot find the path specified.????? ????y m??nh s??? g?? l???n l?????t c??c l???nh:




T???i l???nh th??? 3??E:\BTH\setup??m??nh kh??ng th???y d??ng??The system cannot find the path specified.??n???a n??n m??nh d???ng l???i, ?????i 1 x??u t???i khi c???a s??? setup Windows 10 xu???t hi???n



3. Ti???n h??nh c??i ?????t Windows 10

T???i c???a s??? Windows Setup n???u b???n l?? ng?????i c?? kinh nghi???m th?? c?? th??? t??y ch???n theo ?? b???n, n???u b???n ch??a r??nh b???n h??y ch???n c??c th??ng s??? gi???ng m??nh nh?? c??c h??nh d?????i, sau ???? ch???n Next -> Ch???n Install now


B?????c n??y b???n ch??? c???n ch???n Skip m?? kh??ng c???n ??i???u key

????nh d???u check ch???n??I accept the licese terms??v?? ch???n??Next

Ch???n??Custom: install Windows only (advanced)

B??y gi??? b???n s??? th???y b???ng th??ng c??c ??? ????a v?? c??c t??y ch???n Delete (x??a ??? ????a), Format (x??a t???t c??? file trong ??? ????a) v?? New (????? t???o ??? ????a m???i).??T???i b???ng th??ng tin c??c t??y ch???n, b???n s??? th???y c??c c???t Name (t??n ??? ????a), Total size (dung l?????ng ??? ????a), Free space (dung l?????ng c??n tr???ng c???a ??? ????a ????).

?????u ti??n b???n c???n x??c ?????nh ??? ????a C ch???a h??? ??i???u h??nh c?? ??ang d??ng l?? ??? ????a n??o th??ng qua:

  • Name??(t??n ??? ????a): th??ng th?????ng ??? ????a C kh??ng c?? t??n, sau ph???n Driver * Partition * (c??c d???u * l?? s??? thay ?????i t??y theo m??y t??nh) s??? kh??ng c?? d???u : t??n ??? ????a. Nh?? ??? h??nh d?????i b???n s??? th???y ??? ????a ??? ????a th??? 2 Drive 0 Partion 2 kh??ng c?? t??n, do ???? ????y s??? l?? ??? ????a C. Tuy nhi??n c?? m???t s??? tr?????ng h???p c?? nhi???u ??? ????a kh??ng c?? t??n th?? ta kh??ng x??c ?????nh b???ng c??ch n??y ???????c.
  • Total size??(dung l?????ng ??? ????a) v????Free space??(dung l?????ng tr???ng ch??a d??ng c???a ??? ????a): th??ng th?????ng n???u b???n bi???t Total size v?? Free space c???a ??? ????a C th?? b???n ch??? c???n nh??n v??o l?? c?? th??? x??c ?????nh ???????c ??? ????a C ngay.
  • V??? tr?? ??? ????a: th??ng th?????ng ??? ????a C s??? l?? ??? ????a ??? tr??n c??ng trong s??? c??c ??? ????a c?? dung l?????ng (Total size) l???n h??n 10 GB.

Sau khi x??c ?????nh ???????c ??? ????a C, b???n h??y x??a t???t c??? c??c ??? ????a c?? dung l?????ng (Total size) nh??? h??n 1GB (c??c ??? ????a ????n v??? MB) v?? ??? ????a C ??i b???ng c??ch ch???n ??? ????a sau ???? nh???p v??o Delete

C?? th??ng b??o hi???n l??n b???n ch???n OK

Sau khi x??a ??? ????a C v?? c??c ??? ????a nh??? h??n 1 GB b???n s??? thu ???????c 1 ph??n v??ng tr???ng c?? t??n??Driver 0 Unllocated space. ????i khi s??? c?? 2, 3 ph??n v??ng tr???ng nh?? v???y, b???n h??y ch???n m???t ph??n v??ng c?? dung l?????ng l???n nh???t v?? ch???n??New.
22Sau ???? b???n s??? th???y v??i ??? ????a m???i ???????c t???o ra, v???i m??y t??nh c?? BIOS chu???n Lagecy nh?? m??y m??nh s??? t???o ra 2 ??? ????a m???i, v???i m??y t??nh ?????i m???i d??ng chu???n UEFI s??? t???o ra 3-4 ??? ????a??m???i, tuy nhi??n ch??? c?? 1 ??? ????a??c?? dung l?????ng l???n h??n 1 GB c??n c??c ph??n v??ng kh??c c?? dung l?????ng d?????i 1 GB. B???n h??y ch???n ??? ????a c?? dung l?????ng l???n nh???t trong s??? c??c ??? ????a m???i ???????c t???o ra v?? ch???n??Next

B??y gi??? b???n ng???i ch??? qu?? tr??nh c??i ?????t ???????c th???c hi???n, t??y theo m??y t??nh qu?? tr??nh n??y s??? kh???i ?????ng l???i 2-3 l???n v?? t???n kho???ng 15-30 ph??t



Sau m???t h???i ch??? ?????i, m??nh h??nh d?????i s??? hi???n th???, b???n nh???p chu???t ch???n??Do this later


N???u m??y t??nh c?? Wifi th?? s??? th??m 1 b?????c n???a, b???n ch???n??Skip this step



Ch???n??Use Express settings29


T???i b?????c ??i???n th??ng tin t??i kho???n Windows 10, ??? ?? ?????u ti??n b???n ??i???u t??n t??i kho???n t??y ?? m?? b???n mu???n, n???u b???n kh??ng mu???n ?????t m???t kh???u th?? ????? tr???ng 3 ?? ti???p theo, n???u mu???n ?????t m???t kh???u th?? b???n ??i???n m???t kh???u v??o ?? th??? 2 v?? 3, ?? th??? 4 b???n ??i???n g???i ?? m???t kh???u (n?? s??? hi???n th??? khi b???n ??i???n sai m???t kh???u l??c ????ng nh???p). Sai ???? ch???n Next



B??y gi??? b???n l???i ti???p ch???c ch??? ?????i cho t???i khi Windows 10 c??i xong


L??u ??:??n???u l??c ?????u Windows ???? ???????c k??ch ho???t b???n quy???n nh??ng khi c??i l???i theo h?????ng d???n n??y m?? Windows 10 ch??a ???????c k??ch ho???t b???n quy???n (Windows is not activated) th?? h??y kh???i ?????ng l???i m??y t??nh, k???t n???i internet v?? ?????i kho???ng 5 ph??t sau ???? ki???m tra l???i b???n quy???n c???a Windows 10

N???u c?? b???t c??? l???i n??o ph??t sinh, b???n h??y ch???p ???nh m??n h??nh v?? comment m??nh s??? c??? g???ng tr??? l???i s???m nh???t c?? th???