H?????ng d???n c??i windows 7 b???ng USB b???ng h??nh ???nh

Chu???n b??? tr?????c khi c??i windows 7

  • USB dung l?????ng t??? 4GB tr??? l??n. T???t nhi??n l?? ph???i d??ng USB r???i nh??ng do khi gi???i n??n file .ISO c??i windows 7 th?? dung l?????ng c???n d??ng kho???ng 3.2GB n??n ch??ng ta c???n chu???n b??? USB 4GB tr??? l??n.
  • T???i File .ISO c??i windows 7 t???i ????y??v?? l??u ?? ph???i??ki???m tra file t???i v??? c?? b??? l???i hay kh??ng b???ng MD5.??N???u Ram m??y t??nh b???n t??? 4GB tr??? l??n th?? b???n n??n c??i b???n 64bit (x64), th???p h??n th?? n??n c??i b???n 32 bit (x86).
  • Ph???n m???m??Rufus??d??ng ????? Boot USB
  • C??c ph???n m???m t???i v??? b???n l??u ??? ngo??i m??n h??nh Desktop, m???i file trong USB v?? ??? ????a C s??? b??? x??a s???ch n??n b???n h??y l??u c??c file quan tr???ng sang ??? ????a kh??c v???i ??? ????a C.

B?????c 1: T???o USB boot b???ng ph???n m???m Rufus

1.1 Ki???m tra chu???n Boot USB v?? dung l?????ng ??? ????a C

?????u ti??n b???n h??y m??? c???a s?????Run??b???ng c??ch ???n ??? h???p ph??m??Wimdows + R??tr??n b??n ph??m, sau ???? g????diskmgmt.msc??v?? ch???n??OK


C???a s?????Disk Management??hi???n th??? l??n, b???n h??y ph??ng to c???a s??? n??y l??n v?? k??o ph???n??Status??cho r???ng ra ????? xem th??ng tin ??? ????a:


P/S: n???u kh??ng nh??n r?? h??nh c??c b???n nh???p chu???t v??o h??nh ????? xem v???i k??ch th?????c l???n

Sau ???? ta thu ???????c c???a s??? nh?? h??nh d?????i. C??c b???n t??m ?????n ??? d??ng ??? ????a (C:) nh?? m??nh khoan m??u ????? ??? d?????i v?? ghi??th??ng tin t???ng dung l?????ng ??? C (Capcity) v?? dung l?????ng tr???ng (Free Space) c???a n?? ra gi???y, t???i b?????c 2 ch??ng ta s??? s??? d???ng. V???i m??y t??nh m??nh l?? 30 GB v?? 11,75 GB


Ti???p ?????n, b???n xem ??? c???t??Status??c???a t???t c??? c??c d??ng, xem c?? d??ng n??o c?? ch??? EFI hay kh??ng? N???u kh??ng c?? nh?? h??nh tr??n th?? m??y t??nh c???a b???n Boot USB theo chu???n UEFI, n???u kh??ng c?? th?? m??y t??nh c???a b???n Boot USB theo chu???n??Legacy. Nh?? h??nh tr??n th?? m??y c???a m??nh Boot theo chu???n Legacy, nh?? h??nh d?????i th?? Boot theo chu???n UEFI.


2.2 T???o USB Boot

B??y gi??? b???n h??y c???m USB v??o m??y t??nh n???u ch??a c???m, di chuy???n file ph???n m???m Rufus v?? file .ISO c??i Windows ???? t???i v??? ra ngo??i??Desktop??????? tr??nh c??c l???i ph??t sinh. Ti???p ?????n b???n c???n??t???t ph???n m???m di???t virus ??i, v?? ph???n m???m di???t virus s??? x??a file autorun c?? trong USB Boot, l??m cho USB Boot l???i v?? kh??ng c??i Win ???????c.

Sau ???? b???n m??? ph???n m???m Rufus l??n (n???u c?? th??ng b??o??Update??th?? b???n ch???n??No). T???i ????y, b???n nh???p v??o ph???n??Device??v?? ch???n t??n USB, sau ???? b???n nh???p v??o bi???n t?????ng ??? ????a (m??nh ghi s??? 2 ??? h??nh d?????i) v?? t??m ???????ng d???n t???i file .ISO c??i Windows 7



Ti???p ?????n, b???n nh???p v??o ph???n??Partition scheme and target system type??????? ch???n chu???n USB Boot mu???n t???o. N???u nh?? ??? b?????c 1.1 b???n x??c ?????nh m??y t??nh c???a b???n Boot USB theo chu???n Legacy th?? b???n ch???n d??ng ?????u ti??n??MBR partition scheme for BIOS or UEFI-CSM, ng?????c l???i v???i chu???n UEFI (ch??? h??? tr??? v???i file ISO c??i Windows 64-bit) th?? b???n ch???n d??ng th??? hai??MBR partition scheme for UEFI. V???i m??y m??nh chu???n Legacy n??n m??nh ch???n d??ng ?????u ti??n:


Sau ???? b???n nh???p v??o??Start??v?? c?? th??ng b??o hi???n l??n b???n ch???n??OK:


B??y gi??? qu?? tr??nh t???o USB Boot s??? b???t ?????u di???n ra trong kho???ng 15 t???i 45 ph??t, t??y theo t???c ????? m??y t??nh c???a b???n.


Sau khi ph???n m???m ch???y xong, b???n nh???p v??o??Close??????? t???t ph???n m???m:


B??y gi??? b???n h??y m??? USB l??n, xem th??ng tin c???t Size c???a file autorun. ????y l?? dung l?????ng c???a file n??y, n???u b???n th???y dung l?????ng c???a n?? l?? 1 KB nh?? h??nh d?????i th?? b???n ???? t???o USB Boot th??nh c??ng, n???u b???n th???y dung l?????ng c???a n?? l?? 0 KB th?? b???n h??y t???t ph???n m???m di???t virus ??i v?? th???c hi???n t???o USB Boot l???i.


Nh?? v???y l?? ch??ng ta ???? xong b?????c 1.

B?????c 2: Kh???i ?????ng USB Boot

N???u c??c b???n mu???n c??i Windows tr??n ch??nh m??y m?? b???n th???c hi???n b?????c 1 th?? b???n d??? nguy??n USB, n???u b???n mu???n c??i Windows tr??n m??y t??nh kh??c th?? b???n h??y r??t USB c???m v??o m??y t??nh mu???n c??i Win.

C??c b???n kh???i ?????ng l???i m??y t??nh mu???n c??i Windows v?? nh???n li??n t???c??ph??m t???t v??o??Boot Options. Ph??m n??y t??y theo c??c d??ng m??y t??nh kh??c nhau th?? c??ng kh??c nhau, nh??ng n?? th?????ng xu???t hi???n l??c b???n kh???i ?????ng Windows v?? th?????ng l?? c??c ph??m??F12,??ESC,??F2,??Delete,??? . V???i m??y t??nh Dell l????F12, Asus l????ESC, c??c m??y t??nh b??n th?????ng l????ESC??ho???c??F2??ho???c??Delete,??? Xem??C??ch v??o Boot Option (Boot menu) v?? BIOS??n???u b???n kh??ng v??o ???????c Boot Options.


Khi Boot Options hi???n th???, b???n d??ng ph??m m??i t??n l??n-xu???ng v?? ph??m??Enter ????? ch???n USB. V???i d??ng m??y Boot theo chu???n Lagecy??th?? ??? ????y??b???n ch???n??l??:??T??n_USB??ho???c??USB??storage device??ho???c??USB Flash Drive??ho???c??USB-HDD??ho???c ch???n??Hard Disk => t??n USB??. V???i d??ng m??y Boot theo chu???n UEFI th?? s??? hi???n th??? d??ng c?? ch?????UEFI-T??n_USB

M???t s??? Boot Option theo chu???n??Legacy:




M???t s??? Boot Options??theo chu???n UEFI:



Sau b?????c n??y n???u b???n kh??ng v??o ???????c ph???n nh?? c??c b?????c d?????i th?? h??y ch???n l???n l?????t t???t c??? c??c tu??? ch???n c?? ch??? USB trong??Boot Option (Boot Menu)??t???i khi v??o ???????c b?????c c??i ?????t th?? th??i.

????i khi b???n th???y c?? ch?????Press any key to boot from CD or USB??th?? b???n nh???n??Enter

B?????c 3: Ti???n h??nh c??i ?????t Windows 7

Khi kh???i ?????ng USB Boot th??nh c??ng, c???a s??? c??i ?????t Windows s??? hi???n th??? nh?? ??? d?????i.??T???i ????y, b???n nh???p v??o Time and curency format v?? ch???n Vietnamese ????? thi???t l???p m??i gi??? ??? Vi???t Nam. C??c th??ng s??? kh??c b???n gi??? nguy??n v?? nh???p v??o Next




Click v??o??Install Now



Ch???n ???I??accept the license terms??? v?? click v??o??Next



Ch???n??custom (advanced)


B??y gi??? t???i t???o t??c quan tr???ng nh???t, c??c b???n h??y th???c hi???n t??? t??? ????? tr??nh m???t d??? li???u v?? l???i c??i ?????t. B???n h??y nh???p ch???n??Driver Options (advanced)??????? hi???n th??? c??c t??y ch???n thao t??c v???i ??? ????a:


B???n s??? th???y c??c t??y ch???n x??a ??? ????a (Delete) v?? x??a to??n b??? file trong ??? ????a (Format) nh?? ph???n khoan m??u xanh ??? h??nh d?????i. V????ph???n khoan m??u ????? l?? th??ng tin c??c ??? ????a tr??n m??y t??nh g???m:??Name??(t??n ??? ????a),??Total Size??(t???ng dung l?????ng c???a ??? ????a) v????Free Space??(dung l?????ng tr???ng c???a ??? ????a).


C??c b???n h??y l???y th??ng tin dung l?????ng ??? ????a C m?? ??? b?????c 1.1 m??nh n??i c??c b???n ghi ra gi???y v?? so s??nh v???i th??ng tin c??c ??? ????a ??? tr??n ????? x??c ?????nh ????u l?? ??? ????a C ch???a H??? ??i???u h??nh c??. V???i m??y t??nh c???a m??nh ??? ????a C c?? t???ng dung l?????ng 30 GB v?? dung l?????ng tr???ng l?? 11.75 GB = 11.8 GB (l??m tr??n), m??nh th???y ??? ????a th??? 2??Disk 0 Partition??c?? th??ng tin gi???ng ??? C n??n m??nh x??c ?????nh ????y l?? ??? C.

Sau ???? c??c b???n nh???p ch???n ??? ????a C v?? ????? ?? xem ??? g??c d?????i tr??i m??n h??nh c?? xu???t hi???n l???i??Windows can???t be installed on drive 0 partition 2 (Show details)??nh?? h??nh d?????i hay kh??ng? N???u c?? b???n h??y nh???p v??o l???i ???? ????? xem th??ng tin l???i:


Th??ng b??o l???i hi???n th??? l??n. N???u l?? l???i gi???ng h??nh d?????i Windows cannot be installed to this disk. The selected disk h?? an MBR partition table. On UEFI systems, Windows can only be installed to GPT disks th?? n???u b???n ??ang d??ng USB Boot chu???n Legacy th?? t???o l???i theo chu???n UEFI v?? ng?????c l???i n???u ??ang d??ng USB Boot chu???n UEFI th?? b???n t???o l???i USB Boot chu???n Legacy.


V???i m??y t??nh c??ng c?? th??ng b??o l???i nh??ng l???i kh??c v???i l???i n??y th?? b???n th???c hi???n b??nh th?????ng nh?? kh??ng c?? l???i.

V???i m??y t??nh kh??ng c?? l???i b???n ch???n ??? ????a C v?? nh???p v??o??Delete??????? x??a ??? ????a n??y ??i.


C?? th??ng b??o hi???n l??n b???n ch???n??OK


Sau khi x??a b???n s??? thu ???????c m???t ??? ????a t??n??Unallocated Space??v???i dung l?????ng b???ng dung l?????ng ??? ????a C nh?? h??nh d?????i. Ti???p theo b???n h??y??x??a t???t c?????c??c ??? ????a c?? t???ng dung l?????ng nh??? h??n 1 GB ( = 1024 MB). M???t m??y t??nh c?? th??? c?? kh??ng c?? ho???c c?? 1 hay nhi???u ??? ????a d???ng n??y, v???i m??y t??nh c???a m??nh ch??? c?? m???t ??? ????a d???ng ???? l?? ??? ?????u ti??n??Disk 0 Partition: System Reserved


Sau khi x??a xong, b???n s??? thu ???????c m???t ??? ????a Unallocated Space, b???n h??y ch???n ??? ????a ???? v?? nh???p v??o??Next??????? c??i Windows 7. V???i m???t s??? m??y n???u sau khi x??a m?? thu ???????c nhi???u ph??n c??ng t??n Unallocated Space th?? b???n ch???n ph??n v??ng c?? dung l?????ng l???n nh???t v?? nh???p v??o??Next.


B??y gi??? qu?? tr??nh c??i ?????t Windows 7 s??? di???n ra, b???n h??y ?????i 15-30 ph??t t???i khi m??y t??nh kh???i ?????ng l???i l???n th??? nh???t th?? r??t USB ra


T???i b?????c n??y b???n r??t USB ra, ????? m??y t??nh t??? ?????ng kh???i ?????ng l???i v?? c??i ?????t ti???p


Sau khi kh???i ?????ng l???i, m??y t??nh l???i ti???p t???c c??i ?????t


T???i b?????c d?????i, t???i ?? ?????u ti??n b???n ??i???n User s??? d???ng tr??n m??y t??nh l?? ti???ng Vi???t, vi???t li???n kh??ng d???u. ?? th??? 2 l?? t??n m??y t??nh s??? t??? ?????ng thay ?????i theo t??n User m?? b???n ??i???n v??o. Sau khi ??i???n xong b???n ch???n??Next


T???i c???a s??? ti???p theo l?? ph???n thi???t l???p m???t kh???u m???i khi b???n m??? m??y t??nh. N???u kh??ng mu???n thi???t l???p m???t kh???u th?? b???n ch??? c???n ch???n??Next. N???u thi???t l???p m???t kh???u th?? ??? 2 ?? ?????u ti??n b???n ??i???n m???t kh???u, ?? th??? 3 b???n ??i???n g???i ?? m???t kh???u (khi b???n nh???p sai m???t kh???u th?? d??ng n??y s??? hi???n th??? l??n), sau ???? ch???n??Next


Ti???p ?????n, b???n b??? ch???n ph???n??Automatically activate Windows when I???m online??v?? nh???p v??o??Next

26B???n ch???n??Ask me later


B??y gi??? t???i ph???n thi???t l???p m??i gi???. ??? m???i qu???c gia th?? s??? d???ng m???t m??i gi??? kh??c nhau, ??? Vi???t Nam s??? d???ng m??i gi?????(UTC +07:00) Bangkok, Hanoi, Jakata. N???u m??y t??nh c???a b???n ph???n Time zone kh??ng gi???ng nh?? v???y th?? b???n h??y nh???p v??o Time zone v?? ch???n nh?? h??nh d?????i, sau ???? ch???n Next



V?? ????y l?? k???t qu???, gi??? th?? h??y t???n h?????ng th??nh qu??? c???a m??nh v?? chu???n b??? tinh th???n cho vi???c c??i Driver c??ng v???i c??c ph???n m???m c???n thi???t kh??c nh?????



Sau khi c??i win th??nh c??ng b???n h??y??l??m theo??Nh???ng ??i???u c???n l??m sau khi c??i Windows 7??????? c??i Driver, t???t update, k??ch ho???t Windows, c??i ph???n m???m th??ng d???ng (office, IDM, Winrar,???)

L??u ??:??USB sau khi c??i Win s??? b??? chuy???n sang ?????nh d???ng FAT32, ?????nh d???ng n??y ch??? cho copy file t???i ??a 4GB, do ???? n???u b???n d??ng USB tr??n 4GB th?? h??y format l???i theo ?????nh d???ng NTFS ho???c l??m theo??h?????ng d???n kh???c ph???c USB hay ??? ????a tr???ng nh??ng kh??ng coppy file ???????c