M??y t??nh??kh??ng nh???n loa m??y t??nh ( tai nghe) l?? m???t trong nh???ng l???i kh?? ch???u v?? th?????ng xuy??n x???y ra ??? t???t c??? c??c phi??n b???n h??? ?????u h??nh, do nhi???u nguy??n nh??n kh??c nhau v??? c??? ph???n c???ng v?? ph???n m???m.

H?????ng d???n kh???c ph???c l???i kh??ng nh???n loa m??y t??nh tr??n win 10.


Nh?? ???? n??i ??? tr??n l???i n??y g??y ra b???i r???t nhi???u nguy??n nh??n n??n ta s??? ??i v??o ph??n t??ch t???ng nguy??n nh??n v?? c??ch x??? l?? c??? th???.

Tr?????ng h???p 1: Tai nghe b???n b??? h???ng.

????? ki???m tra b???n ch??? c???n d??ng tai nghe ???? g???n v??o m???t m??y t??nh ho???c ??i???n tho???i kh??c xem tai nghe c?? ho???t ?????ng b??nh th?????ng kh??ng l?? ???????c.

Tr?????ng h???p 2: Th??? kh???i ?????ng l???i m??y t??nh.

Do trong qu?? tr??nh s??? d???ng c?? th??? m???t s??? Driver xung ?????t v?? ho???t ?????ng kh??ng ???n ?????nh, n??n b???n c???n kh???i ?????ng l???i m??y ????? m??y ho???t ?????ng ???n ?????nh h??n xem sao( b???n c?? th??? Restart l???i m??y ho???c Shut Down m??y r???i kh???i ?????ng l???i ?????u ???????c).

Tr?????ng h???p 3: Ki???m tra xem li???u c?? ???ng d???ng n??o ch??a ???????c b???t kh??ng.

B???n vui l??ng m??? Start menu g?? ???Sound?????r???i truy c???p v??o k???t qu??? t??m ki???m ???????c.

Trong ph???n??Playback, click chu???t ph???i v??o kho???ng tr???ng l???a ch???n??Show Disabled Devices??????? m??? danh s??ch c??c thi???t b??? ???? b??? t???t.

N???u c?? thi???t b??? n??o b??? t???t b???n ch??? c???n nh???n chu???t ph???i v??o -> ch???n??Enable??????? b???t l???i l?? ???????c.

Tr?????ng h???p 4: Ki???m tra v?? c??i ?????t l???i Driver ??m thanh cho m??y.

B???n v??o Menu start g???????Device manager?????????? truy c???p v??o ph???n qu???n l?? c??c thi???t b??? trong m??y.

Trong m???c??Audio??b???n s??? th???y ???????c c??c thi???t b??? ?????u v??o v?? ?????u ra trong m??y g???i l????Audio inputs and outputs.

B???n nh???n chu???t ph???i v??o??Audio inputs and outputs??l???a ch???n??Scan for hardware changes??????? t??m ki???m driver c??n thi???u trong m??y.

B???n s??? th???y c?? driver??Speakers??ch??nh l?? Driver c??n thi???u tr??n m??y. Sau ???? b???n c?? th??? ki???m tra l???i b???ng c??ch c???m tai nghe v??o m??y. Ho???c b???n c?? th??? s??? d???ng ph???n m???m t??? c???p nh???t Driver nh?? Driver Booster ????? t??m Driver ??m thanh c??n thi???u cho m??y.

Tr??n ????y l?? m???t s??? nguy??n nh??n l??m cho m??y kh??ng nh???n tai nghe v?? h?????ng kh???c ph???c, mong r???ng b??i vi???t tr??n s??? h???u ??ch v???i c??c b???n. Ch??c c??c b???n th??nh c??ng!