H?????ng d???n t???t th??ng b??o ???ng d???ng tr??n Windows 10. ????? t???t th??ng b??o ???ng d???ng th??ng b??o n??y, b???n h??y tham kh???o b??i vi???t n??y nh??. R???t h???u ??ch cho m??y t??nh ch???m, lag…

B???n c?? th??? t???t t???t c??? c??c th??ng b??o ???ng d???ng v???i c??c b?????c ????n gi???n trong b??i vi???t sau.

H?????ng d???n t???t th??ng b??o ???ng d???ng tr??n Windows 10:

B?????c 1:??B???n nh???n v??o n??t??Windows??tr??n b??n ph??m ho???c bi???u t?????ng Window tr??n m??n h??nh ????? m??? Start Menu. Ti???p ?????n b???n ch???n v??o m???c Settings (c?? bi???u t?????ng b??nh r??ng).

B?????c 2: C???a s??? c??i ?????t ???????c m??? ra, b???n ch???n ti???p System (Display, Nofications, Power).

B?????c 3:??B???n nh???n v??o m???c Notifications v?? Action ????? chuy???n v??o c??c c??i ?????t c?? trong m???c.

B?????c 4:????? m???c Notifications v?? Action, b???n k??o xu???ng v?? t??m c??c m???c trong Notifications,????? t???t t???t c??? c??c th??ng b??o b???n ch??? c???n nh???n v??o thanh nh??? m??u xanh k??? b??n ch??? On ??? d?????i m???c Get notifications from apps and other senders.

B?????c 5:??Sau khi nh???n v??o s??? hi???n th??? nh?? h??nh d?????i ????y ngo??i ra b???n c??ng c?? th??? t???t th??m c??c m???c th??ng b??o nh??:

– Nh???n m???o, th??? thu???t v?? ????? xu???t khi b???n s??? d???ng Windows (Get tips, tricks, and suggestions as you use Windows)

– Hi???n th??? cho b???n tr???i nghi???m ch??o m???ng c???a Windows sau khi c???p nh???t v?? khi b???n ????ng nh???p ????? l??m n???i b???t nh???ng t??nh n??ng m???i v?? ???????c ????? xu???t (Show me the Windows welcome experience after updates and occasionally when I sign in to highlight what’s new and suggested).


C??c b???n ???? ho??n th??nh c??c b?????c??t???t th??ng b??o tr??n Windows 10??r???i ????. B???n c?? g???p tr??? ng???i n??o kh??ng? H??y ph???n h???i ngay b??n d?????i ????? ???????c h??? tr??? nh??!